Evidence and experience show that diets don’t work. Forcing yourself to exercise in a crowded gym becomes boring. Expensive personal trainers may help you get in shape, but the results only last as long as you keep paying someone to show you what to do (and make yourself to show up).

 If you’re tired of mediocre results or have been looking for a better way to get the body, health, confidence, and energy you want (and keep those results long term), I invite you to read on.

For less than the cost of a relatively inexpensive personal trainer or a nutritionist, let me show you how to make small, simple changes that become part of your lifestyle, giving you the results you want for life.

I’ll develop a personalized program just for you, and teach you how to make healthy changes that move you towards your goals. Together, we’ll work at your pace to get you to your health goals.

Clients often tell me that my program is easy, probably because it is NOT a discipline-based approach. Sure, you will need discipline to complete my program, but we won’t rely completely on willpower to get you the results you want (because that doesn’t work). As you’ll learn, my program is based in education and healthy self-love.

You’ll learn the knowledge and skills you need to eat better, how to rid your body of pain and increase your fitness in ways you enjoy. I’ll also show you how to better manage stress, create deep relaxation, and use these skills to heal and rejuvenate your body.

If this sounds like something you’re excited about, I invite you to contact me now to set up a free 30 minute consultation. We’ll talk about your goals, and I’ll explain the details of how my program works. It’s completely confidential and there is no obligation to sign up.

Please also know that everything I do in my work with clients has scientific evidence and sound theory supporting its efficacy, and I guarantee measurable results if you follow my program.